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Bhuddha Raksa Traditional Thai Massage


At Bhuddha Raksa, we believe in achieving healing and happiness. We use nature to awaken your inner bliss and nurture you accordingly.


Bhuddha ( alternative spelling of "Buddha") means "one who has awakened," and Raksa means "healing." Throughout history, Buddhist monks practiced massage, which was adapted to family life and eventually became an integral part of everyday life.


Thus, our name, Bhuddha Raksa, represents the highest level of enlightenment through massage. That is what you will find here at our beautiful location - we are dedicated to bringing you complete happiness through the art of Thai massage.

Also did you know that Bhuddha Raksa (พุทธรักษา) is the official flower of Father's Day?

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We have the healing power you need.

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"When you touch one thing

with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

Thich Nhat Hanh

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Bhuddha Raksa

We are alternative, passionate healers with a focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Our practice provides a one-of-a-kind massage therapy tailored to the needs of each customer so that they can move through their transitions in the most efficient way possible.


Our clinic believes that in order to find inner happiness, we must first overcome our habitual blocks by releasing the pain and ph my "darkness", but it is good from within ourselves.

We are indeed made up of both dark and light energies, but without separating them into parts, we lose touch with the wholeness of ourselves. Bhuddha Raksa massage allows us to reclaim those pieces so that we can integrate them into our whole being.


In the end, we find that it is not about the parts that we are, but rather about what they can create together. We have the ability to achieve wholeness and true healing; as a result, happiness becomes something more than just an idea.


Our team is always excited to work with new customers because it gives us the opportunity to use our skills and knowledge for something outside of ourselves. We believe that we are committed to being healers and find that the best way we can serve our community is through the power of massage.



Traditional Thai massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient form of healing dating back over 2,500 years. Using specific techniques in combination with properties found within nature, the massage helps restore the flow of energy in your body that is lessened due to tightened muscles. When the body lacks energy, it becomes inflexible and causes pain. This pain can build into more significant issues over time, leading to lethargy and a lower quality of life. By loosening these tight muscles using various techniques and some stretching, we can release the tension in your body to help increase your posture, immunity, and overall organ function.

Our signature therapeutic massage is a combination of deep tissue massage, Thai massage, and warm stones to provide the ultimate relaxation (oil and stone will be apply on back and shoulders). It is a powerful blend of techniques that are designed to help you release old emotions, achieve states of relaxation and repair damage caused by physical pain and stress.

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Deep Tissue Massage.jpg

Our Aroma Thai massage is a two-part treatment and is perfect for those seeking a gentler massage. We start off by using traditional Thai massage techniques to relieve you of stress and tension through your back, legs, arms, head, and shoulders. Next, we integrate Swedish massage techniques to add warmth and a sense of well-being and relaxation to your entire body. Finally, we incorporate aromatherapy oils into your massage to uplift your spirit and senses to provide the ultimate relaxation.

The deep tissue massage is a more intense massage that uses direct pressure to relieve pain and relax muscle tension. It focuses on the larger muscle groups, especially those in your back, legs, arms, and buttocks. This technique helps to detoxify your body by releasing toxins from these areas of your body. Doing so encourages cellular growth, which can help the healing process and relieve soreness and tightness throughout the body.

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Hot Stone Massage.jpg

The Swedish massage is an excellent introduction to the world of relaxation. The technique promotes calm throughout the entire body by rubbing the muscles in slow, intentional strokes along with rhythmic, light kneading on the top layer of muscles. This provides an increase in flexibility, circulation and improves your blood oxygen levels. 

"Light to Medium pressure"

The warm stone massage uses smooth and heated lava stones to stimulate your body's natural healing ability. The smooth surface of the warm stone provides a luxurious touch that helps relax the deep muscles, reducing stress and pain while also increasing circulation.

Prenatal Massage.jpg

Our foot ritual helps to detoxify and rejuvenate your entire body through exfoliation. The powerful aromatherapy oils and/or Thai balm, help relieve tension in your body while enhancing blood circulation whilst you enjoy a pressure point massage. The ritual ends with a relaxing warm stone massage on the lower legs, which help to reduce stress and pressure from the rest of your body, which can accompany 60 minutes session only.

Our Mother-To-Be massage is designed to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy as well as restore balance for mom's body, mind, and spirit. It includes targeted pressure points throughout the body to help with common complications that arise during this time, such as back pain or leg cramps. This gentle massage will help take the edge off and help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Massage service is only supplied if you are further than your first trimester (twelve weeks).

Meet The Team



Certified Massage Therapist

11 years of experience



Certified Massage Therapist

8 years of experience



Certified Massage Therapist

6 years of experience



Certified Massage Therapist

2 years of experience



Certified Massage Therapist

10 years of experience



Certified Massage Therapist

8 years of experience


Wah Wah

Certified Massage Therapist

5 years of experience



Certified Massage Therapist

2 years of experience



Certified Massage Therapist

11 years of experience



Certified Massage Therapist

7 years of experience



Certified Massage Therapist

5 years of experience

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Bhuddha Raksa

Traditional Thai Massage

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